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Got an unquenchable urge to be a total Degenerate at FNM? Feel an incessant need to yell at your opponent while flexing for a selfie when your slamming your deck on the table? Well, your prayers have been answered by the omnipotent and all-powerful MTG Cardboard Crack House. ​What the hell is the MTG Cardboard Crack House? Are you serious? Are you seriously asking us what the Crack House is? MTG Cardboard Crack House is like listening to drunk angels talking about Magic and giving you a lesson in biology! Personally, we feel you don't deserve to know anymore, but since we're forgiving, we'll fill you in. MTG Cardboard Crack House started in a smelly dank basement with no windows and sticky tube socks. Since then, the Podcast has gone onto successfully broadcast the underground voice of the people. So Beg for Mercy and welcome to Degeneracy. Patreon Account: Don’t forget to also add us on: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: more »

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