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More Than Money Podcast is all about understanding that life is more than the money we accumulate, the titles we hold, and the jobs we work. It is all about living a fulfilled life, empowering our fellow man and woman, serving where we are needed, and living for something greater than ourselves. Jeffon Seely from the ThreeKeyLife, uncovers ways that we can become better in our individual lives, bringing our connection between our spirit, our minds, and our bodies to the surface. He does this by delivering inspiring content designed to motivate you to be your best today. He also interviews some of the most inspirational people of our time. Each episode leaves you with simple, yet practical steps that you can begin to add to your life today. Whether your looking to start a new career, expand your business, looking for ways to add more value to your life and the lives of others, or just simply looking to be motivated and inspired, the More Than Money Podcast is here to serve as a beacon of light that points in the direction of peace, expansion, abundance, and respect for all. Step forth confidently and unlock your greatness.Read more »

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