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MLM Nation is a podcast that helps MLM distributors, like you, take their business to the next level by providing inspiration, motivation and advice during their daily commutes, workouts or “me” times and is delivered 3 days a week every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each episode of MLM Nation features a successful MLM leader who share their journey and reveal ACTIONABLE strategies such as motivation, lead generation, social media marketing, prospecting, leadership, duplication, how they overcome challenges and much much more. It’s an exciting time to be in MLM because MLM is more popular than ever. It’s amazing that today there are more than 90 million distributors worldwide!… That would be bigger than countries like France, Spain, UK, Germany… or almost 4 times the size of Australia! The best part of network marketing is that ANYONE can be successful. MLM does not discriminate! It doesn’t matter what your education… race… age… geography… YOU can be successful. You go to any MLM event and you will meet people from all walks of life that have achieved financial freedom in this profession. If you want to make money in MLM, you just have to copy what the successful MLM leaders DO… and how they think differently. And fortunately today, thanks to podcasting that is easier than ever. Thanks to podcasting, you can now access the best trainings anywhere anytime for FREE through MLM Nation. All you have to do is subscribe to our Podcast from your smartphone, tablet or computer and you will get valuable training delivered to you automatically. Go subscribe now and enjoy these free trainings and make sure you the implement the nuggets of wisdom you learn.Read more »

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