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Welcome to She's Talking Back, a show where the women leaders you admire speak their truth. Hosted by best-selling author Michelle McGlade, each week you’ll hear from C-Suite executives who have struggled and overcome self-doubt, listened and led with intuition, and run against the popular vote and are willing to share their authentic voice with you. Known as the Modern Leader’s Maven, Michelle McGlade is helping clients focus on aligning from the inside out and becoming a modern leader. After a successful fifteen-year stint in the corporate world, Michelle felt the pull to do something bigger, so she took the leap into serial entrepreneurship starting with a brick and mortar business in the health and wellness industry. Her talents were recognized early on and she received a business excellence award for best woman owned business that ignited the flame to see what else was possible. The adrenaline launched her on the path to starting a series of successful businesses. Her evolution journey truly began when fibromyalgia hit her hard in her 20s. Never one to accept defeat, Michelle became a wellness junkie and kicked it to the curb. Her personal health detour and successful clinic ownership opened her eyes to how many health and wellness entrepreneurs needed help building their businesses. Wanting to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to get their knowledge out into the world, she launched her podcast called Making the Maven. After more than 200 episodes and a global audience, wanderlust kicked in again. Her most recent call has led her to go deeper within than she had before, upcycling and doing an internal audit and combining all of her experience in a new way. Now, she’s helping leaders create a deep connection between heart and mind, because as our leadership grows, this piece tends to get lost. This disconnect is so often the piece that holds us back when on the surface life looks grand. It is the piece she helps clients reclaim and the path to a more authentic voice. With a talent for building trust and asking tough questions, she’s getting people to unleash the same in themselves on this podcast. If you’re a high performing woman on the success train but feel like you have lost connection with yourself or you desire to seek something more – more self-awareness, self-knowing, and self-exploration – we invite you to join Michelle here on She's Talking Back. Follow your intuition. Lead from the inside out. Learn how to.Read more »

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