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drumTALKthepodcast - from the vault of Illegal Radio, “nowhere on your dial” 1974 to the present, each episode features a single tune, composition, live gig, home or studio recording. The majority of them showcased here for the first time. 40 years of recording, reproduced from its original format. Analog 2-4-8-16, Digital 2-8 and hard disc multi track, Pro Tools & Logic. Starting in 1974, my 4 track Sony 1/4 inch, Quadraphonic analog 7 1/2 ips reel-to-reel tape recorder. Moving to analog cassette, Tascam 4 track Porta Studio. Into the 80s, Teac analog 2-track 15 ips reel-to-reel, Tascam 4 track reel to reel, Tascam 38 - 8 channel 1/2 inch reel to reel, Tascam 16 track 1 inch reel to reel. Otari MX 70 16 track 1 Inch reel to reel. Into the digital 90s with a Casio DAT, Panasonic DAT 3700, Adam 8 track 8-millimeter tape machine. 2001 with Mac based digital, Pro Tools, Garageband, Finale, Alesis Masterlink 24 bit hard disc recorder and Logic. 40 years of recordings on various formats of the period 1974 to the present. If you enjoy drumtalkthepodcast, spread the word. you can also buy things, 45s, 12' LPs, cassettes, DVDs, t-shirts, books. jazz-alternative-Avant garde-spoken word. Real drumtacks for real music, jazz standards, play a long tracks for mainstream jazzers and educators, paperback books, kindle, mp3, audible. These things and more. Available in special, hand made, limited edition box sets. You can check them out on my blog/website www.michaelwelchpublications.com for more information you can email me, that address is quadragrip@hotmail.com drumtalkthepodcast is written by produced by edited by engineered by and funded by Yours truly.Read more »

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