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When is enough enough? If you are tired of hating your body, tired of counting calories, tired of feeling guilty for eating, tired of exercising obsessively, tired of negative self-talk, tired of living by other people’s rules? Welcome home. Welcome to the "Life. Unrestricted. Podcast." Meret Boxler is a journalist and recovering exercise addict and lifetime dieter who found that "successfully keeping her weight down for 22 years" came at a high price: her health. She is talking to inspiring guests and experts who share their stories as well as their advice to help you on your journey from body negativity, disordered eating an unhealthy relationship to fitness and exercise to a more balanced approach to health, inner peace and self-acceptance. Confidence is an inside job and it’s hight time we bust the myth that weight should dictate our worth. Let's find out how to live our truth and how to let go of external validation to finally find lasting happiness, self-worth, a healthy body image and emotional resilience. The "Life. Unrestricted. Podcast." is about loving our bodies from a Health At Every Size perspective and about nourishing body, mind and soul without going crazy.Read more »

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