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Comedian Lisa Orkin Aka Honestly Lisa chats it up with everyone from family, to wellness experts, life coaches, business coaches, guru's, ex-boyfriends, childhood friends, thought leaders and maybe even Oprah in search of the happy life. A few words from Lisa... I am Gluten Free and Jewish. I was Vegan and then learned to meditate. I dig Keto and yoga. I manifest and eat Chaga. I am a double Scorpio and expansive. Intuitive with a mean down dog. I come from love with a kundalini base. I am aligned and love kale. There is salty language, talk of sex, feelings, and spiritual stuff. So you may not want to listen in front of the kids or your coworkers. In the archives are two other shows- Love Bites are audio clips based on real conversations from Lisa's love life, featuring my friend Robbie Rist, who plays every man who has graced her path. Men Are People Too, where Lisa interview a variety of men; comedians, actors, musicians, artists, writers, computer programmers, yoga guru's, to gain a sometimes hilarious and sometimes serious perspective on how men see love, sex and relationships from their side of the ship. Ladies, you will learn so much about men! Listen in and hear the truth. And sometimes Lisa will just share random musings on life, love, fashion, and food or anything else that strike her fancy. And that’s the magpie.Read more »

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