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I set out in the early part of 2019 to capture the experience I was having every single day after deciding to go relentlessly after my vision. This required some very stark self-awareness and what I found was not always pleasant, but it was always worth it. I record 45 days of documentation during this time, and here you have Letting Go & Letting In, so be sure to listen in order, if you can! It wasn’t the first time I had left the beaten path to follow my heart, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, so this time I decided to document the challenges I was facing and the lessons I was learning along the way. What I found in reflection is that all transformations in our life, regardless of the content, the kind or type, bring about similar difficulties -- all of which every single one of us is 100% capable of walking through, with grace and ease and power, when we choose to. These 45 episodes cover 45 specific days during my transition and transformation. From coming out of the closet as gay over 10 years ago, being in lesbian relationships, marrying a woman, quitting my corporate 9-5 (that was really an 8-6) job, succeeding as an entrepreneur in real estate, building and leading a team, learning to coach others -- I had already chosen many times over the course of my life to “be me” and to bet on myself. But because real transformation is an ever-expanding, never-ending, and always-evolving, it can feel like we are always starting a new round of “Becoming.” This little snapshot serves as a reminder that you are fully capable of moving through any and everything that presents itself to you on the way toward your dreams. On the way toward you! The full series is available in its entirety June 17! To stay engaged, connected and keep transforming through practice, visit www.meghanfifelive.com & follow me on social @meghanfifelive.Read more »

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