A Boy, a Brute, and a Bastard's Bastard

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As one could probably surmise from the title of this podcast, George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series will be the most frequent topic up for discussion here. We all know there are plenty of podcasts out there already dedicating themselves to Westoros and the lands beyond, but I plan to offer a slightly different point of view from your average ASOIAF nerd. Most of these episodes will feel more like rants than anything else, but I think that is part of the charm. This will be a SPOILER heavy podcast meant for those who have read and re-read the novels, although I will throw some GOT only stuff your way on occasion. There will be character breakdowns, culture comparisons, story arc analysis, predictions, fan theory dissection, and all of it brought to you at extremely low quality. Having said all of that, there will also be times when I simply need to vent about something random, and you will be subjected to it. These topics could range from politics, to sports, to traffic, to "hey, do you guys remember..." So come join the fun, or lack thereof, with A Boy, a Brute, and a Bastard's Bastard. The horn will be blown. This much is certain. Yet, what will happen when it is? What indeed...Read more »

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