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Biweekly interview show elevating conversations around political strategy & policy making on the left. Guests include thinkers like Matt Bruenig, Matt Stoller, Michelle Diggles, Laura Belin, Alex Lawson, Corey Pein, Jonathan Smucker, Gaius Publius, Sam Sacks, Murder Bryan, Nomiki Konst, Rich Jensen, Dr. Jim Zogby, Dr Djene Bajalan, Brandon Sutton, Nandini Balial, Ben Dixon, Mike Elk, Elizabeth Bruenig, Bill Corbett & Michael Brooks, Harvey J. Kaye, Jen Senko, Will Sommer of The Daily Beast, Farron Cousins of The Ring of Fire, Salon's Digby and many more. Lush Left is also always interviewing vetted and progressive congressional candidates, like Rashida Tlaib and Liz Watson and many more. Top-tiered progressive candidates in key Congressional races like Kaniela Ing, Laura Moser, DuWayne Gregory, Dan Canon, Jenny Marshall, Rico Franco, Derrick Crowe, Austin Frerick, Lillian Salerno, Kyle Frenette, Levi Tillemann, and Liz Watson. Plus it’s actually pretty darn funny.Read more »

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