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Find us at -- Facebook: Level 30 Plus Twitter: @level30podcast Instagram: worst_finest (JonJon) yojimbojapan (John with an H) Video Games have been a passion of ours since the release of the NES and Sega Masters System in 1986. The nature of the hobby has changed and grown alongside our own journey in life. Yet video games as a medium is still in its infancy. Advances in technology have allowed for great strides in a video game’s ability to tell a story and evoke emotions in their players. However, as we have grown so too have our responsibilities. Simply put, it is harder each passing year to justify the time spent with our favorite hobby. As the games get better, so too do time requirements and costs involved. We can not always afford to buy the latest blockbuster, triple-A title hot off the shelves. Nor can we dedicate the many hours of content that the market demands from most games, either. But we still love our games. That’s the heart of Level 30 Plus. As we head into our 30s and struggle with “responsible” adulthood, we are excited to see where our old friend will go as well. We won’t be on the cutting edge though we plan to keep an eye on it from time to time. We are O.K hanging back a little, picking up games as they get a little cheaper and we manage to make it through our extensive backlog. Some games will have to pass us by, lost in the flood of quality that marks the games industry today. We’re fine with that. We hope you decide to join us on this little journey, if you have the time. We’re all busy, we know that. But if you want to relax a bit from the bleeding edge of gaming, you’re more than welcome to join us back here. We’re picking up what we can...Read more »

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