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LET LOVE RULE! is hosted by filmmaker, author, speaker, DJ and journalist Len Branson and his sligthly older brother Andy. They are basicly two lighthearted, romantic inspirators and instigators of GOOD things. Oh yeah, while Andy is mostly being an artist of life, Len is also a marketeer for LOVE, with his foundation Superwise MEdia. ​ Len and Andy have both studied all topics of LOVE and wisdom extensively and upclose for the past few decades. Since the conception of his acclaimed documentary Superwise ME! - Law of the Heart, Len has traveled the world, soaking up knowledge wherever he could. Andy walked a similar path as a creative creator with his art. ​ Now it is time for them to share what they have learned with the weekly Feel Better Podcast LET LOVE RULE! Len: 'I've found in life and LOVE that we all seek a HOME. We all thrive when we are protected, supported, motivated, inspired, encouraged and yes questioned. Last but not least, we prosper when we are LOVED! That is why all of these features are exactly what our new podcast provides for."​ During LET LOVE RULE! the Branson Brothers will never tell you what to do! They will inform you though, inspire you as much as they can, motivate you, entertain you, make you smile and or cry and most of all... Len and Andy will be raising many new questions that will help improve you. Make you grow! Let you prosper on all levels. From matters of the heart to all things LIFE and back. "We love to illuminate the spark in the eyes of people by simply listening and asking the right questions. We can clear your mind, steer you to the heart and open up new possibilities. Andy and I teach how to unwrite and reframe personal history that is holding back, how to see things in new/other perspectives, detect and delete old data that is still running peoples lifeshows and we teach as we learn ourselves about all things Unconditional LOVE and bests of all the power of PURE LOVE."​ So consider this... Get something to drink, get comfy, put your headphones on and start basking in some extra LIGHT and LOVE. After a maybe hard week or even a good week, fill up your tank with Len and Andy and LET LOVE RULE! What do you got to loose;-)? The Branson Brothers will administer you, your weekly dose of extra LOVE, entertainment, information, inspiration and motivation, so you will be empowered to continue the path you have consciously chosen. An abundant path to PURE LOVE is shown once you TUNE IN! Dont' forget to subsc.Read more »

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