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We’re Laura and Anna, the Loudwomen in charge of Lady Dynamite. We are 80% normal and 20% badass bitches from hell; a fantabulous concoction of bizarre wisdom, irrational fears, passionate insight, malfunctioning anxiety, feminist rage and occasional positive vibes. Our holographic hearts are full of love and vengeance. We co-host Lady Dynamite to tell the story of the science and history of women. Come along on our unladylike ride of laughs and feels right to the heart of women's existence. Connect in the presence of shared experience. Each week we take a journey into an historic stereotype, iconic women's life or forgotten tragic tale. Together we are on a mission to give women's history a new place in the present, with learnings from science and a focus on psychology and feminism. With occasional input from Laura's mum, we're creating the inspiration in our Fort of Feels to take our shoulder pads, take up space and go be successful at life. So put your big girl pants on and join us in this mascarade of naked toilet wisdom and eunuch cats. No more pretending to be muggles, we're all bat shit crazy here. So go live your best life with a little fire and earth from Lady Dynamite.Read more »

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