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"Power Your Life Today" is a Mindset Training show by Kristy Jo, founder of Body Buddies and Nutrition/Fitness Strategist. This shows is designed to help you build your mental discipline so you can POWER your life to one of of value, service, and love. Subscribe to the FREE Power Your Life podcast to listen while you drive and work. Free Download: POWER YOUR LIFE: 5 Power Principles To Plow Through Resistance (Workbook and Audio) --> www.PowerYourLifeToday.com What else helps you power your life? Strategic Nutrition with The Power Foods Lifestyle. Learn more about Kristy Jo's strategic nutrition methods by clicking here --> www.PowerFoodsLifestyle.com JOIN KRISTY JO ON SOCIAL MEDIA YouTube: www.poweryourlife2day Facebook: www.facebook.com/bodbuds Instagram: www.instagram.com/bodbuds Snapchat: K-Dizzle4Rizzle Twitter: www.twitter.com/bodbuds LinkedIn: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ABOUT KRISTY JO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kristy Jo is a Mindset training expert who helps men and women change the way they think to reprogram their bodies and lives. She is the founder of Body Buddies, a nutrition and fitness company that helps people sculpt their bodies, reduce illness and pain, and live a life of high functionality, as well as the host of the Body Buddies Podcast. She is the author of the best-selling book, The Power Foods Lifestyle, and creator of the Power Foods Lifestyle recipe book series. She builds people one by one to believe in themselves, get educated, and take control of their lives to build a life of powerful value, service, and love. Kristy Jo is no stranger to adversity. She lives in chronic pain with nearly 50-degree lateral scoliosis, her oldest brother took his life when she was 25, and her efforts to educate people one by one come after she reprogrammed her nearly 20 years of disordered eating and exercise habits. She believes and teaches that adversity happen not to us, but for us. Every obstacle gives us the chance to grow, refine, and improve. ~~~~~~~ SUBSCRIBE ~~~~~~~ Never miss a video, and join the Youtube self-help community living your powerful life of value, service, and love.Read more »

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