"Kiss Me I'm Psychic","Through The Darkness"

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Show Info: "Kiss Me I'm Psychic Radio" began in 2010 as a small BTR show. We have come a long way since then branching out to other internet radio shows finding our home of the last 2 years on Revolution Radio.as well as right here on BTR. OUR mission~ We want to bring about the truth...the truth in understanding the energies around us..the strength from understanding what other people and situations are about. There is so much confusion hurt and darkness around us when we learn we ALL can grasp the light from within connecting with God in ways we never imagined. This becomes our empowerment. Being psychic means more then telling others what their future holds, being psychic is about self empowerment learning to connect with God and to recognize the gifts we have been given. We investigate. We seek to sense what is happening to those people who's lives are in upheaval. We work to understand why some places and people are haunted, what the spirit or spirits are doing why they are there, what can be done to free them and bring about relief to the home or person. We work to promote understanding that one religion does not have a monopoly on deliverance or healing or gifts but these are indeed gifts given to all of us from God for all to help. Ourselves and each other. We welcome free speech and encourage healthy debate free from insults and attacks. We will investigate explore and dissect many different issues that are important in the spiritual world today. *Possession *Oppression *Cult abuse *Ritual abuse *Secret Societies *Conspiracies We will also explore ways in which our Psychic abilities can help us to free ourselves from stress..bad habits lack and limitation demonic entities and live the way we were meant to live FREE...happy and EMPOWERED. LISTEN LEARN AND BE EMPOWERED with "Kiss ME I'm Psychic Radio.

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