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We interview successfully funded crowdfunding campaigns. They were funded using either Indiegogo or Kickstarter. Unlike most crowdfunding interview series, I have been involved in a campaign that raised over half a million dollars. I literally fell into crowdfunding. I was heavily involved in a campaign that failed and raised only $16,710. When we re-strategized and re-launched, we made a huge comeback by raising $592,412 on Indiegogo. After being in the trenches and knowing literally nothing about crowdfunding, then seeing what we did to get a successful raise, I wanted to see what other project creators and entrepreneurs were doing to get funded. When I first started I knew literally nothing about crowdfunding, what makes a campaign successful, what causes campaigns to fail, what crowdfunding platforms to use, and how to transition a successful crowdfunding campaign into a full scale e-commerce business. The world of crowdfunding has so much potential. If you can take an idea, launch it successfully online and validate your idea, you’re opening a business overnight. I’ve seen how crowdfunding can open the door to investment, having a customer list with thousands of people, licensing agreements, partnerships, and pre-orders, that we’re limiting ourselves if we don’t do what we can to educate ourselves on how to do crowdfunding properly… all within 30-90 days. Because of this, I have gone out and spoken to some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the world in the last year find out exactly what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, so YOU can learn from them. Why should you listen to Crowdfunding Uncut? Because I’m asking the same questions you want to know. I know what it feels like to fail at crowdfunding. I also know what questions to ask, and what to do to raise over half a million dollars on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. As I’m also advising Crowdfunding campaigns, I need to keep up to date with what’s working and what isn’t. Questions that will get answered on this show: what crowdfunding platform is right for me? What can I do to have a successful product launch? How can I get 1000 backers for my project? What really matters? What if I have a small budget? What happens after crowdfunding? I will share with our best interviews showcasing the campaigns processes, failures, critical lessons learnt and actionable strategies showing YOU how to get your project funded. This is where project creators get funded.Read more »

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