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Are you thriving, or are you trapped in a “Groundhog Day” existence, repeating the same monotonous details every single day of your life? Maybe you wish to be more vibrant and high energy, greeting the day with a new level of enthusiasm? Do you have a desire to be more present in your relationships, whether personal or professional? Is there a challenging area in your life that you just can’t seem to overcome, no matter how many books, conferences, or retreats you attend? Are you willing to evolve? Are you willing to thrive? Are you willing to say, “yes” to excellence? If the answer is yes, then this is your home. Being in a state of high performance goes beyond goal setting, and invites us to be in a constant state of intention in all areas of our lives, such as finances, relationships, personal growth, health, and work. And the real key to mastering high performance is not achieving a specific goal in these areas, albeit satisfying, but to instead strive towards intention while maintaining authentic happiness. One of my personal desires in life is to perform highly in all areas while maintaining the ability to serve others. Is that even possible? Yes! But first we need to learn how to activate discipline with our energy output. Have you ever noticed that when required, you are able to access a high level of energy for a short period of time, but then hit a wall and require days, weeks, or even months recovering? This occurs when we are single-focused. Oftentimes, we excel in one area of life, while suffering in other areas of life. For example, some of us excel in our field of work while our relationships suffer, and others have amazing relationships but feel like they’re failing in their work. When energy is hyper-focused in only one area, it creates an un-balanced void in other areas. This is in part due to our mind’s ability to create confinement, and a sense of safety. Thus, it becomes our intention to break past the mind’s safety barriers in order to perform highly, to be bold, and to emerge beyond limitations. High performance is an amplified state of integration between our physiology and psychology, so that we may skillfully navigate through life and achieve personal excellence. High performance is a choice. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we go back to bed, we are either making choices toward excellence or not. Can we take care of our health while reaching for a bigger mission.Read more »

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