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Ordinary Humans Podcast is a podcast brought to you by yours truly, Justin Stotts. My main mission in all of this - provide you with an opportunity to listen to the stories and life journeys of other ordinary humans like you and me. I'm pretty sure that sentence probably has a few punctuation errors. As you will probably learn and eventually hear, (I'm about to tell you.) English was not my greatest subject. Whats great about doing this podcast, is it gives me an opportunity to not only learn, share, and create stories with interesting people but also share my own personal stories. I like to tell people that although I'm 30. I've had a life full of stories and adventures that people double my age have only read about. For Instance, my first podcast I ever heard, I was sleeping in my truck in a hotel parking lot. One of the several times I was battling homelessness, over the course of a decade. EDIT - I said "battling homelessness," as if it was a bad thing. When in reality, the last "tour" I went on generated the most growth and pushed me on my current path. In fact, what you are reading here is a direct reflection of the thoughts I had in that truck, and the growth I've had since. You could say, podcasting has become a big staple in my life. This podcast will serve a TON of purposes! As I go, I want to create and change, create and change, create and change. Truth be told, I don't know exactly what this is or what it's going to be. I have a goal and a direction. So stay tuned, enjoy the ride, and most importantly, bear with me. I have used podcasting as a form of therapy for years. I have listened and continue to listen to podcasts all the time. So, as you would imagine, the next step in that would to be to start podcasting myself. I would hope with all of the life experiences I have, combined with the experiences of my guests, you will be able to take away something from every podcast. My goal is to sit down with anyone I can. I think that every person has a unique experience that has shaped the way they see the universe around them. So whether its one of my buddies, a stranger, a local celebrity, or even you, lets come up with something. Shoot me a message, I'd love to sit down promote anything you got going on and talk life. Together, we can change the world...Read more »

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