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Atlantic waters can’t keep his sound from crossing international barriers. It can’t even keep him from extending beyond cultural, economic and racial barriers. DJ Just Dizle is a force that breaks barriers of all sorts, and once his sound is condensed, Dizle’s precipitation can’t be stopped. The Paris born Just Dizle uses music as an instrument itself and the turntables are the apparatus of his choice. Just Dizle understands that his turntables are his passport and that hip hop has its own universal language that has allowed him to communicate with people from all walks of life. When he gets in front of a crowd, leaving the crown hanging is not even an option. The mission is to grab them, hold them, and not let them go for the rest of the night. Since birth, Just Dizle was surrounded by musicians. He grew up exposed to all forms of music, from jazz and Doo Wop, to funk, soul and afro beats – but then came hip hop, and that was the genre that stuck. Listening to the likes of Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier, his love for hip hop was solidified. Considering himself a student of multiple genres and the art of mixing, his goal was to become “Le Champion,” the most requested DJ in Western Europe, and one day, the most requested DJ in the world. While Just Dizle’s goals continue to broaden, he has his set his sights on establishing a global presence. In France, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, the UK, Canada and the good ole U.S. of A., Dizle has reached a peak never seen before. He is requested everywhere, because no one can get enough of his sound. He is the first DJ from Europe to hit the set of BET’s Rap City alongside Snoop Dogg and DJ Enuff. He knows he’s ready, but he’s not sure if the world is. If not, you’d better look out. Cause he’s taking no prisoners. Once the beat gets you, you’ll become a slave to it.Read more »

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