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What if Bliss was Right Around the Corner? We are going to spend 30 Days Discovering How to Go from the Life We Live to the One we want to live. Stuck in a Rut? Not Playing Life as Big as You Think You Should? Stagnating? What's my Purpose? This challenge is about plucking more from the tree of life. We'll explore in 30 days, 30 ways to bring more awareness and perspective to ourself and the life we are leading. I have invited super spectacular people to share their ways for gaining new perspectives of the world they live. Think of this as the activity we do before we start setting goals. This is where we will gain new insights in what brings us our highest joy. Come play with us! If you go to any good spiritual or self help workshop, you will be introduced to a concept. Awareness We have been trained by our wounds, our peers, our family and our culture to live according to some predestined plan. In order to break out of this predestined plan, we must be able to have greater vision of who we are and what brings us close to our highest joy. Joy'n us to explore 30 different ways to break from the norm to your highest self.Read more »

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