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Show Info: What’s different about my career advice is that I’ve worked IN THE HIRING WORLD for 4+ years! I’ve hired hundreds of people and seen way too many resumes to count. I know what hiring managers want. And know how to help you articulate your skills in a way that helps you stand out amongst your peers. So you can do the work you're here to do in the world. So you can ask for more money with confidence and support you and your family in a much bigger way. The information I share isn't vague or from some article I read online either. All my tips, advice, and strategies come from real life situations I've been part of. My goal is that you learn a lot from this show, take action, and reach out for help when you need it. Holler at me - _____ If you find the show helpful, please leave a review in iTunes. It helps more people find the show and I get to help more people like you!

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