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See in ADHD talk radio is a podcast created for you, the person with ADHD and the people who live with and love you. If you're trying to understand ADHD, what it is, what it isn't, or looking for strategies to help improve your life, ADHD Coaches Jennie Friedman and Brett Thornhill, deliver each week. 

Each episode explores some aspect of ADHD. Whether you embrace the gifts that Ned Hallowell speaks of or struggle with the executive function challenges that Dr. Thomas Brown and Dr. Russell Barkley shine a light on, you will learn through guests' personal stories, ah-ha moments, or tips and tricks to try yourself, there's always something to take away. Join guests like Jessica McCabe, from How to ADHD, and Rick Green of Totally ADD and discover the broad range of viewpoints that create our collective understanding. Decide for yourself what's the most important thing about ADHD that everyone should know. more »

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