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Jeff Krisman has over 20 years of experience in practicing and in teaching a type of Mindfulness practice called Mindful Coping @ Work, which provides practitioners with an increasing ability to have a calmer and more focused mind, to have a better overall experience, and to be more focused and productive at work. This practice can also help us to let go of the clinging to fears surrounding the uncertainty and constant change that we deal with at work so that we can feel more calm and more at peace, which can help us perform at a higher level in our work and in our lives overall. It can also help us to become more "comfortable with being uncomfortable," to more effectively embrace change and uncertainty in today's business world, and to unleash greater creativity and productivity through cultivating a calmer and more focused mind @ Work. While there are many things that are beyond our control in our workplaces, there are several key things that we can control, and two of the most important are how we deal with our minds and how we cope with what is going on around us. Mindful Coping @ Work can also really help us to be more aware of when we get stuck in an endless loop of anxiety and thinking about what the outcome will be as a result of the work that we do. Mindful Coping @ Work is all about how we react (or don't react) to the things that happen to us and how we interpret what is going on, and that makes such a great deal of difference in whether we cause ourselves much unneeded suffering or have a much better overall experience at work and have a calmer and more focused mind that can lead to greater overall satisfaction with our work and greater productivity. Jeff’s greatest value that he can offer others is that he shares what he has struggled with at work in a very constructive, real, and open way and how Mindful Coping @ Work practice has helped him continue to develop his coping skills and how it can help others to cultivate a greater quality of life and more meaningful and satisfying relationships with others at work and away from work. Mindful Coping practice focuses on developing several key foundational skills over time: -learning a very powerful form of Mindfulness practice that can really help us to pay attention to how our minds are processing what is happening and most importantly, to what is actually happening around us. He teaches people the skills needed to quickly recognize the difference between these two thing.Read more »

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