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I had the displeasure of engineering the first few episodes of a podcast called Sounds Like Trouble. Apparently they do this show somewhere around Chicago in the house of one of the hosts. Every show on this monstrosity of a podcast features a different topic. The hosts Jason and Dave (if that’s their real names) spend the duration of each show bumbling on incoherently, showing what can generously be considered commentary on any of these topics. From technology to relationships, film/music to politics and plenty more, they somehow think they have something to say about everything. Some people have actually called them friendly, relatable, and moderately entertaining. To me, they’re just a couple of rat bastards with mics by their mouths, drinks in one hand, and god-knows-what-else in the other. Somehow, I keep coming back each week to record these rat bastards though. If it weren’t for my other engineer and his frequent “Bingo” expressions, I’d never get through a single show Consider yourself warned. Your time is better spent listening to something else, but try this podcast if you dare. Thanks. Engineer Ray.Read more »

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