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Here we come America! Whats coming next will be amazing. Real conversations from every cross section of America, and the world, Microscoping down to individual to individual, What is it that we, the people down here deal with. Politicians don’t know, and have proven they don’t care. How is it we can know others hurt and healed adapted, and moved forward if the media doesn’t; tell us, feed it to us in little chunks they think capture our attention. We know because our past episodes have taught us that we are now smarter then they think we are. “The strongest seeds grow in there mud” we can begin to move here in the grass doing grass roots stuff. We will post positive informed and enlightening content, share our friends messages, and quietly be a push back on hate and devision. What we hope in the process that you will support an idea that is not the most popular right now. America is learning now. Hate isn’t fun. It’s so much work, and if there was a way to understand someone before we are face to face with it, we will have already been informed enough to be civil, inquisitive, accepting, and empathetic. Becoming one nation. “The devisions you hold so dear were created to distract.” “Politicians are magicians” And the system has centuries of experience in keeping people down, ignorance is a staple to it. Learn, accept, and realize difference in your day to day is meaningless. Who cares? If we can just become one group, Human. Public access America will be able to move on to season eight. World peace.Read more »

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