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Show Info: Moments from history Newsreels, speeches, Inspirational, Military, special collected audio episodes and more. Racism is a bias based on our collection of knowledge and experience. What I know and have seen and felt and heard has come from a community majority. Since that circle starts with family. Without diversity. There is only a limited amount of perspectives we can experience. By the time most face diversity it’s weird and new. Standing in the comfort of your majority. How much personal strength might it take to risk weird and new? We go we clan we nest and we repeat. Our children moving further from the weird concept. Mixed and diverse surroundings. Positive experiences, and most important to me. A growing knowledge base shared by all. If ignorance means a lack of knowledge, if racists are simply ignorant. And we’re all ignorant to any perspective other then the perspectives we’ve experienced then it’s easy to see that by nature, routine, and upbringing there is racism wether you want to admit that someone feels it or not. We offer you moments from history. Moments that have shaped the world and other peoples feelings and perspectives. Take some time to learn what others have experienced.

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