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Hello and thank you for visiting Public Access America. Our goal is simple. It’s right there in our show opener. This season we invite you to join us in our #TenPersonChallenge. Changing the world takes some effort and time, but more importantly, Change begins with us. Subscribe, and join us every day as we explore random moments from history. Education, information, history, and entertainment. We cover a wide array of topics, without adding our opinion. Check out the Playlist section on Soundcloud, or scroll through our growing video archive on YouTube. Public access America makes, earns, and collects no money for our efforts, No sponsorship, no funding. Our passion for the mission is clear. Admittedly however there is a currency valuable to us. Ratings and reviews on apple podcast. Shares, likes, and comments. These things are what let us know it’s working. Education is the change they’ll never see coming. In the early years of the atomic age, when the government knew we would not survive a direct hit from a Soviet Nuclear attack, the government ask every American to Clean up their yards, paint their houses, and be Americans by supporting Americans. It’s 2018 and I’m a nobody here asking you now to do the same. Be American and help Americans.Read more »

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