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Higher Frequency with Jaime Lamaro. Yes, both science & spirituality agree, we are ALL vibrating on a particular frequency. As a junior professional athlete, fighter, aspiring Yogi, entrepreneur & consciousness explorer, I've spent my life yoyo'ing from low to high vibration. In that time i've figured a few things out. This podcast is dedicated to sharing some of the spectacular wins & epic failures I've had along the way. Whilst also sharing my continual discovery of tools & modalities that help raise our frequencies. Life on low frequency sucks - energy's heavier, darker & self actualisation is difficult. Life on High Frequency is phenomenal - energy is lighter & more concentrated, allowing us to thrive! We can all change our vibration & i'm dedicated to sharing how. We talk with world class guests as they share their stories, inspirations & life lessons. Vibration is contagious & we hope you get infected with the good stuff! When I was a boy I asked my mother "why are we here?" She replied "To EXPERIENCE, to LOVE & to have as much FUN as possible." Sage advice I say. So let's do it! Feel free to connect with me on social media @jaimelamaro. For more information on Higher Frequency Living, Total Male Optimization & Global Medicine Retreats - check out @YogaBrotherhood.Read more »

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