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Welcome – kick back and tune in! This is a space where you will hear from amazing women from all walks of life. Your host, Seela Simmons helps to tell the stories of women who’ve loved, lost, won, weathered, persisted, overcome, survived, failed, and succeeded. In this busy life, we often only get to see small pieces of the things that actually make each of us who we are – we have visibility to just a tiny tip of the iceberg. Through conversation, narration, storytelling and Q&A sessions, Seela aims to go deeper to share the amazing stories that often lie buried beneath the surface. As a listener of this podcast you will be pulled into the stories of a diverse group of women. The guests include stay at home moms, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, artists, veterans, wives, sisters, daughters, activists, dreamers and doers. The word inspire is a Latin word and literally translated it means, “to breathe life into.” This podcast aims to serve as one source of breath that can spark inspiration – but the hope is that the spark doesn’t just stop there. Inspiration is contagious and therefore, inspiration begets inspiration – one flame can light a thousand fires. As we tune in to listen to the stories of inspired women, let us feel free to share that inspiration with those who are around us. May each of us spend the rest of our days inspired to live our best lives and serve to inspire others to do the same. To learn more about Seela Simmons please visit her website at more »

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