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David has always been a big fan of talk radio. You name it, he’s probably listened to it. Whether it was comedy, sports, or political, he loved it all. He thought one day he might be able to have his own show, combining all of his favorite topics, and ultimately become a super rich radio personality. That uh….never happened. Not even close. So you can imagine his joy when he found out about Podcast. GETTING THE SHOW STARTED Podcast was the key to making his dream a reality. He read up on how to start one, bought a mic and everything, but quickly realized something was missing. That thing was..a co-host. He could think of only one person who shared his sense of humor, was entertaining, and, most importantly, had the time to do a show with him. That person was Dontrice Stephens. David called Dontrice and told him his idea and, without hesitation, Dontrice was on board. Just like that, Inappropriate Commentary was born. While the super rich part has yet to happen, the idea of these two guys trying to entertain people while covering several topics and making themselves laugh is alive and well. So we hope you enjoy the show, and don’t get too offended by the sometimes-edgy, but always hilarious comments we make. We did warn you that it’s “Inappropriate”Read more »

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