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We all have different core values, which means to someone, somewhere, we are all imperfect parents, always. Each Wednesday, on this imperfect podcast we share your ExtraOrdinary stories and expertise on parenting life and the path we and our kids walk along. Ariel and Mats Andersson, 2 Imperfect parents, with good intentions that sometimes go right and other times very wrong share their journey along with yours. Our intention is to give everyone a voice, validate, share answers and create a better parenting experience! We all know that the perfection we see on social media is not the full truth. We are sharing real conversations to help create a happier, more relaxed, "oh.. I am imperfect and it's fine" kind of atmosphere. One where multi cultural realities and challenges come with empathy and hopefully some laughter. We are passionate about sharing stories from around the world and in your neighborhood, to remind us all that parenting stresses, joys, issues and hiccups are similar wherever we are. Here at Imperfect parenting, you will hear raw, real and unfiltered conversations from many cultures. We all have imperfect moments. Have you ever been pushed to the edge, judged or felt judged, followed intuition, gotten lost or found, laughed or cried, been frustrated, felt like you are the only one, been overwhelmed, pressured to make "correct" decisions according to someone else, and more? Then, you have found the right imperfect parenting podcast. We are here to encourage knowing laugher and nods of, "yes!" Come join the IP community here and on Facebook, and on social media, to share in the conversations that remind you that you are exactly as you are meant to be for your kids and for yourself.Read more »

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