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Hi everyone, Sam here :) So as a little introduction of me, I started making music back in Virginia when I was separated from the military. It was something that became more of a escape from reality while enduring abuse at home. While doing that, I noticed that though making mixes was beautiful, the music can also be helpful in the healing process for other people as well. So as I explored that talent, the label QLN Entertainment (then Qlown Records) noticed what I was capable of and immediately recruited me and gave me full creative freedom throughout my entire time with them. As they grew I became a crucial part of their refocus and rebranding into what they are now, a independent music label that wants to be a platform for up-n-coming artists such as myself up until I left them earlier this year. Unfortunately, 2 years after I joined QLN I ended up becoming homeless right after finishing a project with them. Luckily, before then I met a certain woman named Ms. Selina Bell, MSP CHI of Turning Stone Wellness Center. She single-handedly saved my life on multiple occasions with her alternative methods in which if it wasn't for her none of this would even be happening right now. She saw that passion in me in helping people and offered me a volunteer position in being her Social Media & Marketing Specialist as she expands and grow. So while I was traveling the United States and was learning to love myself, the passion for music never left me. As a matter of fact it gave me the drive to make #BETA in 2014, and then #ALPHA Part 1 & 2 while I was homeless in 2015 & 2016. Those projects caught the attention of quite a few people, including Mr. Xan He of Xantier Holdings Inc., who also sees that passion in me. After having a long conversation with me we are now working on a partnership with my brand to create something very special for humanity. So I thank you for following me on this journey and I hope you stay for the ride! :D Samuel Zibo Townsend DJ Lone Wolf HD.Read more »

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