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CONTACT INFO: email dabergstrom@gmail.com If you're not familiar, and like, all tuned-in and hip to the music and writing of Blindboy, you are in for a treat! This is the ALL NEW and TOTALLY GROOVY BABY BOOMER Bootleg Pirate Underground Radio Show on MUSIC, POETRY, and CULTURE for PEOPLE! So, if you're a "People", like me, you'll completely dig this podcast. GUARANTEED! If you don't LOVE this show, just shut it off and listen to something else... it's that easy! Ironclad NO RISK Guarantee. You have nothing to lose and possibly something to gain. And please give some feedback and write a review too. And post this site to all yo' Pals, Comoadres, Amigos, Kimosabes... and even any of this people you know that you don't even like for one reason or another. Sure, even Ex Wives, Ex Husbands, former Lovers, Coworkers, Bosses... share it with everyone! It'll be totally Good Karma for all parties concerned. We need subscribers and listeners, so help us out. Hosted by Blindboy, an ACTUAL BIG BAD BABY BOOMER survivor of The Latter Days of The 20th Century. Episodes include The Music of Blindboy and David Bergstrom (actually the same person), and commentary and discussion with Special Guests. Blindboy resides in Paradise, The Land of Ice & Snow (in the vernacular Minnesota) and writes and records at his Private Studio - The Hovel. His latest album "The New Calyculus Cafe" will be released in December of 2014. As a writer, songwriter, guitarist, and cartoon character, he assumes many roles and masks... including: David Bergstrom, The Wild Man, Generalisimo Homar "The Icicle" Bjorkstrom (Ret), amongst others. He plays The Roles of Sage, Mystic, Folk Singer, Rock & Roller, and Compadre as the demands of The New Millennium dictate. He is currently performing his songs in semi-appropriate venues throughout the Fall of 2014. Yeah... So CHECK IT OUT! Right Now... don't wait another minute. To The Barricades Boys & Girls... LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!!! Generalisimo Homar "The Icicle" Bjorkstrom (Ret) Soundcloud Music Site: https://soundcloud.com/david-bergstrom-1 A BIG BAD BABY BOOMER PRODUCTION Sponsored by Bunny's Coffee Cafe, The Glacier Gals, the Daughters of The New America Revolution - Post #9. Recorded Live at The Hovel Studios, Paradise - The Land of Ice & Snow.Read more »

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