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Hark thee, fair listener! For there is adventure afoot. We be degenerates with a taste for danger, tomfoolery, and taverns! This here Podcast is of the Dungeon Dwelling monsters and their plunder. Shut your deadlights and hear ye' well, as our actual play covers hard cover printed 5e content, Adventure's League modules, and perhaps even some Homebrew! Heather: Nikki Gnomage & Ziggy Stardust Meow Meow, Pyro Magus and familiar extraordinaire! Cury: The destructive Rhogar, survivor of the blood arena and thrower of Tridents! Lindsey: Thorien Ironside, the Indomitable wall of scales and steel! Paladin of the Wandering God! Michael: The guy who uses the same accent for every npc. Jeremiah: Previous and retired player of the shanked to death Ranger, Khil!Read more »

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