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Like many UK youngsters in the mid-1960's, I listened to 'the Pirates' usually late at night on a cheap transistor radio. Shows such as John Peel's Perfumed Garden formed the basis of my musical enlightenment and this early exposure to artists such as The Mothers of Invention, The Incredible String Band, and Jefferson Airplane contributed to a lifetime of discovery outside of the mainstream music world of 'pop'. This podcast aims to bring you gems from the days of offshore radio. Where possible the audio quality has been improved and dubbed with high-quality stereo versions of the music tracks. Ongoing episodes will include material from stations such as Radio London, Radio Caroline, Radio 270, Britain Radio, Radio Sutch, Caroline North, Atlanta, CNBC, Radio Scotland, Radio England, Radio 355, Radio Seagull and Radio Geronimo plus many more.UPDATE: Maybe this podcast should be renamed Remastered Free Radio because I now include onshore pirates as well as legal radio. My rationale is that all these broadcasts embody the spirit of free radio either in presentation or content. Drop your comments to me at more »

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