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This podcast is for people who are interested in Out-of-the-Box Judaism -- whether Jewish or not. What does out of the box mean? Out-of-the-Box can mean… thinking outside the box. Many people have an impression or idea of what it means to be Jewish or what you have to do to be Jewish or what you have to believe to be Jewish. Out-of-the-Box can mean thinking outside the box of preconceived notions and creating the Jewish experience that is right for you. Out-of-the-Box can mean… being outside of the synagogue. Many people feel that joining or going to a synagogue doesn’t fulfill their desire for a deeper connection. Out-of-the-Box can mean finding and creating meaningful spiritual experiences on your own, with your family, or with a community that is not based in a synagogue. Out-of-the-Box can mean… unpacking your heritage. If you or someone in your family is Jewish, you have a box of hand-me-downs and treasures waiting to be unpacked. Out-of-the-Box can mean examining those contents, understanding them, and choosing which ones you want to keep, and which ones you don’t.Read more »

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