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Twelve years playing improv piano. Still playing like the 13th Warrior. :-) Herger the Joyous: How? How did you learn our language? Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: I listened! I was given a keyboard at a party in 2006, and was told I could keep it on the condition that I play it there. Had no idea how to play. Still don't. Playing to find myself ever since. There's nothing more revealing about me than the music I play. Since it's all unwritten and unplanned improv, you're listening to my journal. It's so easy to remember my life when I listen to my music. That the sound has become better over time is the silver lining. The performance is for me. If you found something good that's come out, I'm glad to hear I was worth sharing. I'm still unsure on what to label what I play. Meditative trance? Progressive improvisation? Just a trip? I enjoy playing at length. Convergence comes around.Read more »

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