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Show Info: THIS PODCAST IS GOING TO BE ABOUT THE BREAKTHROUGHS THAT CAN COME TO PEOPLE WHEN THEY USE THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE RIGHT JOB. Many times the sources of frustration and complexity arises from a lack of predictability to see where short term decisions will take people. Using techniques developed over years of helping people transition from places of crisis, habit, and complexity into a world of control, predictability and serenity the podcast participant will gain a big picture of how their life works. I think this is the goal for everyone - to be equipped to handle the complexity and chaos of life. This podcast is not based on the false premise that everyone’s life is going to be incredible. That sales pitch is used by other people and I think that most people are getting clear that perfection is a lie. My goal is to empower people to thrive in challenging times using techniques and honest assessments of talents, resources and desires that give people the confidence that life can be successful without success.

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