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How are some people able to get ahead in life and business and build multiple streams of income and incredible wealth so they have the security and freedom to call their own shots and live their dream life?While others seem to get stuck always spinning their wheels, caught in the rat race hitting that annoying glass ceiling and never being able to make progress toward their goals, usually relying on the next paycheck to get by?James Mel did everything he thought you were “suppose” to do, but still get caught in the rat race and spinning his wheels. He went to college and got decent grades while also working a part time job so he could pay his way through. Then landed a corporate job making $15.38/hour showing up to work early and leaving late to try and make a name for himself. At the time he lived in the attic above his parents’ garage to save money. He thought the way to get rich and get ahead in life was to work hard and save all your money being as frugal as possible. None of this worked.It wasn’t until he quit his job and then taught himself how to be an entrepreneur that he finally learned the secrets and strategies to really get ahead in life and business. Today James is a successful entrepreneur and owner of 7 figure online business and multi-million dollar real estate portfolio with 85 rental units. Most importantly James runs all his businesses virtually so he has the freedom to work and play from anywhere in the world.On this podcast he uncovers the stories of other very successful people and pinpoints the secrets, strategies, tips and techniques they have used to get ahead and stay ahead in life and business so you can get inspired to do the same and start building and living your dream life today.Read more »

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