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Finding a friend in an unfriendly world. 

The book of Proverbs chapter 18 and verse 24.

“A man that hath friends must show himself friendly:
and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”


One thing I have seen and have truly learned in this path I am on is the unique thing of friendship.
We navigate this life and if we are paying attention. Certain people come into our way and their is a spark beyond mere acquaintance. There is appeal and self awareness of another likeminded soul. It’s a soul thing and if you don’t even understand your makeup biologically you may well miss the mark.

This is the start of the thing called friendship.

Many people don’t know much about this relationship, many never know a real friend the entire time they live and walk upon this world.

The world isn’t a friendly place today. It’s hostile and getting worse. So what is a friend and how would you go about getting a friend and being a friend

Never mistake the notion that popular is friendship: many comedians and social personalities own popular, but they are often miserable, lonely and self confessed friendless. No one knows of this until they pass.

I’ve friends and I am a friend.

Learning about this gift to us in this world is not hard to do.
Of course, you need the Unknown Book to get the right eyesight and heartbeat of friendship.
Balancing the elements of friendship is neither difficult nor is it hard. But it is work.

This world has a friendship that it follows and the price is often more than you expect to pay until it is to late to stop. Now the Unknown Book lays out the whole picture of friendship.

If, and I certainly hope that is not the case with you, you are looking for a friend in this life. Go to the Unknown Book and in the pages there you will find out what the criteria for friendship is.
Follow the instruction.
Job done.
Friends show up.

Today, we are going to take a dander into the pathways of this friendship thing.

Defining friendship

When you look into the Unknown Book one of the greatest helps is a concordance: a book that lists all the verses together by alphabetical order, among other things. I use The Strong’s Concordance. You can purchase it on Amazon for $10.00 and upwards.

Here is how the word shows up in the Book.

We will hang these verses on the nail of Provers 18:24

“A man that hath friends must show himself friendly:
and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”

The word shows up in 4 expressions of friend totaling 154 times. Here they are.

  • Friend 99,
  • friends 50,
  • friendly 3  and
  • friendship 2

As you read through the references you learn things. Usually more than you expect, but looking up the verses is an essential element of reading the Unknown Book. Tracking your reading is another thing. If you care to free fall into the Book of God.

Friends you find and friends who find you.

While we learn of the nature of friendship we are not without example of it as well.

When you find a friend or a friend finds you it may take a little while for trust to take place. But the facets of attraction are all there from the start. Time spent together is shared pursuits, support for each other during testing times and more all bring the friendship to fruition.

David and Jonathan

I pick this one for us because all the elements are there: respect for skill in life and battle, honor, integrity, loyalty, character, flaws and fumbles.

David: sets his tone by Goliath, and Jonathan sets his tone at the sharp stones of Bozez and Seneh.

These two men loved each other just as men in war and life share the same love. It is not sexual. That is a shallow solution to this friendship. Unless you have this type of friend you miss the mark. That is all I can say about it. I’ve heard it said this was a homosexual thing.

But no… 1 Samuel 18:3 … he loved him as his own soul.
When you have a friend and it is soul deep it encompasses a love this more connected than that of family.

Proverbs 18:24 … there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
Because often we find that a brother is born for adversity

Proverbs 17:17
A friend liveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Being a friend

I put out email, which is usually at 5-6 times a week it can vary, and in that conversation I have with those people. I bring to them the content of friendship. It is being friendly. There is humor, sarcasm, bluntness and me being me. My friends read them. Comment.


The shadow of a friend

Friends stay the course with you. Some leave and move on to other things in their lives; but the friendship is still there ready to be fanned and light again to heatness.


You and me
Robert Cosby, John Mc’Elnea, Walter Bingham, David Greenwood, Jim Since, Lamar Chenault, David Lovely, Pat Lobb. There are women as well Nina Greenwood, Pat Phil, Jinny Lobb and more.

I’ve found these people along my travels, stops and starts and journeys ways. Without them, it all would be so much lesser for me. I’ve needed all that they gave me, and allowed me to give to them. They are my anchors in a stormy sea called life.


The greatest friend I ever had

So, you want a friend.
Let me introduce you to my greatest friend.
The Lord Jesus Christ:
The Gospel of John chapter 15 and verse 14.
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Luke chapter r7 verse 34…
a friend of publicans and sinners

Why he has changed and what that friendship now has become.
Revelation chapter 19 and verse 16 …
King of kings and Lord of lords

The baby is gone, the dead man on a cross is gone, but still to come is my friend who is now undisputed King of everything and always shall be.


The borders of friendship

Love is an essential ingredient and the bond of friendship. Love between men is not limited to homosexuality. If you think that, you are a limited and narrow person who I could poke in both eyes with one finger. Come on.

Time is not a factor
years can pass and the conversation can begin like it never ended,

Distance matters not
In this digital age connection is limited only by imagination

The 2:ooam in the morning phone call test
If you can call someone at 2am in the morning for help, and they answer and respond. You’ve a friend.


Now it’s your turn

Looking are you?
Can’t find one friend is it you say?
Well there is always one waiting.

But it just might require you to learn to be a friend so that you can recognize one too!

Ever watch the movies where a man or a woman is chasing for the love of another? But they don’t respond.
In fact it is often the matter that the person watches the one they seek friendship and love from begging for the same from a totally unworthy and despicable person who is using them.

You can’t fix that. Time does.

No matter where you roam or call home. There are friendships to be found, if you follow the criteria for them. Be friendly. Be a friend. That is all.


Navigating the human condition, while coming to terms with the purpose of life.

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