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Episode Info:

Introducing the show

The new format

The Englishman introducing the podcast, I hope you like him.

The monologue about:

Pennies finders…
give the story about why and then tell the audience that they are encouraged to tell me their penny finders. If they find an American penny outside of the America or they have a cultural similarity then that would be great to hear about just as much.

Tell them how to submit their story:
use speakpipe, or send in a mp3 file of their own. I will put it on the show and share with our community.


I will introduce more things
like this as the show grows and it becomes clear what would be a nice feature to bring on to this portion of the show.

So let’s go back to a source that once held sway among the world.
The source is the Unknown Book.
In my eMails and other podcast episodes you hear me calling this book, the Unknown Book, as such.
After 40 years of reading it, and watching its effects upon myself and those who love it or hate it. I stand assured of one thing. You either love this book or you do not.

The main theme of this book is NOT what you think it is.
And, I am on purpose seeking to redress that viewpoint with all my might. It is used as the source for money making at the very deep expense to those that are rifled for what little they have. I despise this.

So let’s start at the beginning. 02:47

Two lovers lived in a garden, they were made for it literally by a Creator. All was going well…

Everything was going along so well.
All they had to do was be obedient to the Creator, by choice, or they were just automatons following along without freedom to choose.
That statement is going to set the hair on some of the fatalists to frizzy!

These two were to take care of a garden, love each other and respect the roles given them by the Creator, that is all.

Lets read the text and learn more than you will ever get on the matter from any college curriculum or professor.

Text: The first book Genesis, the second chapter, verse on an on…

Genesis 1 verse 26.  Genesis 2 verse 8 and 9. Genesis 2 verses 15-17. Genesis 2 verses 19-25

Along came an educator to tell them more. 8:35
This educator was good, very good.
He goes to the woman and ask her the first question ever asked
There is first the question? Yeah, hath God said.
Positive, questioning, deceiving and more.

Text: The first Book Genesis, chapter three verses…

Genesis 3 verses 1-7

He is an environmentalist.
He is a humanist.
He is a sophist.
He is an educator.
He is a deceiver.
He is the first rebel.

There is so much more but that is for another day.

The two lovers made a choice and it was the wrong one.13:02
They had clear instructions and they choose an education over obedience to their Creator and its coming curriculum over their working job as gardeners.

This is a very important part of the Unknown Book so let’s read this carefully. For others will not be so sure and careful. Be assured of that!

Their awareness changes instantly.
Their problems mount immediately.
The first of many reactions happen that their progeny repeat daily.
They are the second kind kicked out of their environment.
Their environment is changed to remind them of this act.
They face personal judgement for their act.

Text: The first book Genesis, Chapter three and reading on…

Genesis 3 verses 8-24.
If you take the time to read this. You will learn that nothing has been proven different than this record of our origins. You may just never have given the time to examine this origins and the virus.

The Creator stepped in and called the foul. 15:42

Two things were present in the garden that are highly important to this unfolding drama. It is so important that it is often passed over for the narrative alone that is being delivered to us.

God has two very distinct parts to His nature, and the Unknown Book reveals these as you read through it ALL.

The Creators Holiness 19:1

text: Leviticus chapter 19 verse 2, Psalm 99 verse 9

This is a being without the virus or anything imperfect
This is displayed in his actions.
This is central to His personality

This is consistenly displayed throughout the Unknown Book, if you look for it, and we will.

The Creators Authority 20:25

text: 1 Samuel chapter 15 verses 22 and 23.

Obeying His voice, his words.

Note: people will fall all over themselves lauding books like Ulysess by James Joyce. And by any account that is a hard read due to its convoluted style changes in writing.
But the Creator who certainly has plenty of consistent style changes and writing styles does make it very clear to those who read all about this nature He embodies

God can forgive on the basis of His Holiness and He does. But he cannot allow the Authority He holds over His Creation to go unchallenged.

text: Exodus  34:7

The Educating Deceiver 25:37

The Deceiver has two fundamental attributes

Iniquity and rebellion.

The serpent, who has many other names, was not always a serpent but something else. We will talk a little of him and then move on.

His iniquity as essential to his condition 27:5

text: Ezekiel chapter 28 verses 11- 19

It is the foundation of all ills in the world, starting with the virus, or sin as the Unknown Book declares it to be.

He is beautiful.
He is music personified.
He is declared to be many things – the ultimate changeling.
He is by act full of iniquity.

His rebellion as essential to his condition.29:16

text: Isaiah chapter 14 verses 12-15.

It says it all

Back to Adam and Eve. 32:31

Adam and Eve pay a price that we all live with today: the virus, sin as the Unknown Book calls it. I say virus to get you into the book, nothing less nothing more intended.

God the Creator is blamed for this condition. For both the fallen being and the now fallen man and woman. For surely he could have made all things perfect. Bliss would ensue and we’d have paradise right now!

That has been answered by me in a previous podcast.
You can find it here. 

What has that got to do with anything? 33:24

Plenty if you care to stick around and learn.

Innocence is a condition that the two lovers shared until they took and ate.
The act of taking was the beginning of the end. That act brought them under the influence and control of the other one, and inside them: their bodies, their spirits and their souls, they changed.
It was fatal eventually to them both and to all of us.

text: Genesis chapter 5 verses 1-5 34:06

Adam and his girl Eve were in the troubles of their lives. And that meant all of us.
For if you go with this you must go with them as the Mater and Pater of us all.

No puddle to political correctness here then as the evolutionists would have us go with. Handy delusion when it comes to removing the virus as a source of our ills.
No we can work it out on our own either.
No it’s all in your mind as well. That’s a doozzy

!The other one had changed the fortunes of the human race from a paradise in waiting to a
ruined earth that was cursed to prevent Adam the firsts kids thinking all was well.

Now here is were ignorance of the Unknown Book really shows the condition of man.

How many Adams do you think there are? 37:17

Most people in this world who think on this will say One. They are wrong.

There are two. Adam made by the Creator from the dust, and Adam made of a virgin by the Creator.

If you spend time reading all of the Unknown Book you will learn more than you will ever learn in a library or congress of educators. So listen to this and consider well what I tell you. You future depends upon it.

Adam the first got us into this mess…

text: 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verse 45

Adam the last got us out and then some…

text1 Corinthians chapter 15 verse 45

All the hippy noise about getting back to the garden that isn’t there. When the answer is in a book that has been tossed aside by the educated nonsense of the last 150 years.

Curious and couriousor is the challenge we face now in the light of the last 100 years of nonsense that has been paraded as faith, religious fashions and more.

It is given names: catholic, pentacostal, mormon, Jehovah’s witnesses, seventh day advents, Sufism, baptists, Anglican, Lutheran, and on and on and on.

None of it addresses the single problem that took place in the garden.

It is sidestepped by getting dunked in water, filled with the spirit, anointed with the Holy Ghost, joined to the church through sacrement, catechism and the list of requirements that a lawyer would Neve take on.

It’s the virus we need to deal with and we can’t. 41:17
Therefore we don’t, rather the religious leaders don’t.

The virus is in total control of our life.

Romans 5 verse 12.
at birth.
throughout our days.
At the end of them.
We don’t have the ability in ourselves to overcome it.
But there is another Adam in the mix.

People like to keep him in a couple of places of the culture we call humanity. 43:42

He is O.K. if he is just a baby in a manger at the end of the year
Or he is O.K. if he is a symbol on a cross at the easter festivities.
He is O.K. as the highest version of a social worker we can hope to find.

But don’t display him as the cure for the virus. And as the ultimate victor over it. Never let the world know that He is the political and spiritual answer to all of mankind’s needs and will rule the world at a time appointed.

This appointed time is so definite that every political movement in this world is some form of imitation of it drawn from a butchering of the Unknown Book.

The virus we suffer from has a cure. 45:50
The one who gave it to us has an end to its power over us that is for sure.

The only real decision that is life changing for you or me is this:

Text: John chapter 3 verses 15, 16,17 46:46

That is all. That is our answer. All the political speeches, religious opinions, humanistic endeavors fall to nothing. We need changed and we do not have the way to do it ourselves. So it was done for us by one who is love and loves us.

So there it is my listener and reader. 48:56
The first graduates from the first garden seminary got their lamb skins from the highest scholar the world has ever embraced. Out into the unknown they go.Carrying within them the seed of their progeny, and it doesn’t take long to see how that goes.

Yep! talking about Cain and Abel, and that will keep for another example and podcast.


navigating the human condition while coming to terms with the purpose of life.

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