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Introducing the show The new format The Englishman introducing the podcast, I hope you like him. The monologue about: Pennies finders... give the story about why and then tell the audience that they are encouraged to tell me their penny finders. If they find an American penny outside of the America or they have a cultural similarity then that would be great to hear about just as much. Tell them how to submit their story: use speakpipe, or send in a mp3 file of their own. I will put it on the show and share with our community. More... I will introduce more things like this as the show grows and it becomes clear what would be a nice feature to bring on to this portion of the show. So let's go back to a source that once held sway among the world. The source is the Unknown Book. In my eMails and other podcast episodes you hear me calling this book, the Unknown Book, as such. After 40 years of reading it, and watching its effects upon myself and those who love it or hate it. I stand assured of one thing. You either love this book or you do not. The main theme of this book is NOT what you think it is. And, I am on purpose seeking to redress that viewpoint with all my might. It is used as the source for money making at the very deep expense to those that are rifled for what little they have. I despise this. So let's start at the beginning. 02:47 Two lovers lived in a garden, they were made for it literally by a Creator. All was going well... Everything was going along so well. All they had to do was be obedient to the Creator, by choice, or they were just automatons following along without freedom to choose. That statement is going to set the hair on some of the fatalists to frizzy! These two were to take care of a garden, love each other and respect the roles given them by the Creator, that is all. Lets read the text and learn more than you will ever get on the matter from any college curriculum or professor. Text: The first book Genesis, the second chapter, verse on an on... Genesis 1 verse 26.  Genesis 2 verse 8 and 9. Genesis 2 verses 15-17. Genesis 2 verses 19-25 Along came an educator to tell them more. 8:35 This educator was good, very good. He goes to the woman and ask her the first question ever asked There is first the question? Yeah, hath God said. Positive, questioning, deceiving and more. Text: The first Book Genesis, chapter three verses... Genesis 3 verses 1-7 He is an environmentalist. He is a humanist. He is a sophist. He is an educator. He is a deceiver. He is the first rebel. There is so much more but that is for another day. The two lovers made a choice and it was the wrong one.13:02 They had clear instructions and they choose an education over obedience to their Creator and its coming curriculum over their working job as gardeners. This is a very important part of the Unknown Book so let's read this carefully. For others will not be so sure and careful. Be assured of that! Their awareness changes instantly. Their problems mount immediately. The first of many reactions happen that their progeny repeat daily. They are the second kind kicked out of their environment. Their environment is changed to remind them of this act. They face personal judgement for their act. Text: The first book Genesis, Chapter three and reading on... Genesis 3 verses 8-24. If you take the time to read this. You will learn that nothing has been proven different than this record of our origins. You may just never have given the time to examine this origins and the virus. The Creator stepped in and called the foul. 15:42 Two things were present in the garden that are highly important to this unfolding drama. It is so important that it is often passed over for the narrative alone that is being delivered to us. God has two very distinct parts to His nature, and the Unknown Book reveals these as you read through it ALL.

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