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Image via SyFy

Helix Podcast S2E13 – O Brave New World

Welcome to the Helix Podcast, a fan podcast that dives deep into the SyFy series “Helix.” This week, we seem to wrap up on St. Germaine and dive forward into the future. Join us as we talk about Helix Season 2 Episode 13: “O Brave New World,” the Season 2 finale.

After each episode, join hosts Ryan Boyles and Tim Arthur as they discuss each Helix episode, share news about the show, interview cast and crew, and bring you predictions on what may be to come.

***Warning: Spoilers Ahead!***

  • Still no season 3 announcement. Will Syfy #RenewHelix? Let them know how you feel, dear fans and viewers!! @helix @syfytv @sptv in the US and @showcasedotca in Canada.
  • Secret social media messages from @Helix on tumblr and twitter DM. Syfy gave Honey goo avatar makeovers for fans of the show.
  • Kyra Zagorsky joins Continuum season 4.

Hey tweeps! I’ve pitched a twin bro idea to @stevemaeda: Ignacio Balleseros avenges Sergio’s death, but we need S3 first! #RenewHelix @Helix

— Mark Ghanimé (@markghanime) April 8, 2015

@markghanime this is our reaction to the #helix season 2 finale! Clearly excited like you!! @helix

— Helix Podcast (@HelixPodcast) April 11, 2015

Fan Feedback

Tim and Ryan,

I’m back and I think I figured out the the point of season 2. I’ll get to it in minute but first some questions for you…

Why is Peter led away in custody?? Ilaria was listening and waiting. They clearly have influence so why is their man in custody? And if Ilaria wanted the infertility stuff so bad, why didn’t they just send the Scyth? Why did they have to dupe Julia with the Narvik C story?

Why does Sarah make Alan immortal? Is it punishment? If so, I don’t think giving Alan more time to hunt and kill immortals is a punishment (TXM-7!!).

If it wasn’t a punishment why, oh why is immortality a gift for Alan?

So I called the “Do you know the way to San Jose” as a code phrase set up by Alan. But really, its a code that can only be answered by Julia?? Why not simply say “Hey Soren/Caleb, whatever your name is, if Julia ever shows up looking for me and the cure, give it her. Just make sure its Julia, you remember the beautiful, immortal doctor… no not Dr. Jordan, Dr. Julia, Hataki’s daughter!”

Now on to the point of season 2…… Meaningless death.

We spend a whole epidsode catching up with Hataki just so he can die. Did we really need to see his Andy Griffith skipping insanity just so that Julia could kill him?

Bad ass soldier Balleseros (who gets a Starring credit for Mark Ghanime) returns for a trumped up cameo just so he can die. And he dies by falling down a tower? Really? He didn’t even get a warrior’s death.

We watch Sarah fret and fuss over her son. She’s goes to great lengths to keep him alive. She won’t take him near smoke! And then she turns her super special, immortal son over to some local doctor… just so the son can die!

And finally Amy goes out with a whimper. I admit that Amy getting dental work from the toothless, hissy women with knives was good, but then Amy doesn’t die??

After this season of Helix I kind of feel like Landrymoto… confused, deformed and just want to go home. Thanks for the excellent podcast gentlemen, I’m not sold on season three but if I watch I will listen to you guys!

–Leo in Phoenix

P.S. What the frak is in the safety deposit box???????

Favorite Five This is Day 13, 14, 10863, and the Year 2029
  1. The baby reveal – we were duped 
  2. Julia is made to be the dope 
  3. Peter gets his 
  4. Alan has a look in the mirror 
  5. Sarah has a new labcoat
Plot discussion Day 13

The “New” Fellowship vs The Doctors

  • Julia shot Alan
  • The Mother tree lives on in the fungus
  • Eli and Anne
  • Peter vs. Alan showdown
  • Amy vs Sarah
  • Brother Landy and the scary sisters from the maternity dungeon vs Amy
  • Amy got some dental work from the hissy fit sisters
  • Soren and Kyle
  • Alan and Julia
  • Sarah and the immortal fetus
  • Kyle and Sarah
  • Coast Guard chopper comes to attempt another rescue of Kyle and Sarah
  • Still no Balleseros
  • The Abbey burns
  • The baby is not Caleb
Day 10863 “30 years later”
  • Caleb is the one, Caleb is Soren – Caleb has a glass eye!
  • Julia is given the antidote to TMX7 – Caleb’s blood is the only cure
  • Caleb can read the Japanese letters on Hatake’s katana Julia – it is the DNA/RNA sequence for the TMX7 disease
  • Alan and Hatake engineered the TMX7 disease to kill immortals
Day 14
  • Everyone is alive and well back on the mainland evac’ed to a hospital
  • Peter is arrested by the Feds but with a wink and a smile
  • Claire Wallenberg shows up b/c Peter and Anne cut a deal with ILARIA
  • Jars of mother Tree Fungus are sitting there in the room
  • Claire proclaims to know nothing about Narvik C to Julia
  • Alan is hospitalized and wakes up with silver eyes!
  • Narvik C is not released upon the world
The Year 2029 “14 years later”
  • The “New” World Order
  • ILARIA Fresh TV ad (Cameo voice over by Season 1 guest star Jeri Ryan!!!)
  • ILARIA controls births in their super high tech robot baby factory
  • Dr. Sarah Jordan will see you now
Big Burning questions of the week
  • Who gave Alan immortality?
  • Is Alan’s new immortality a blessing or a curse?
  • Did Sarah give Alan immortality as her way of screwing him over?
  • Did Julia give Alan immortality as a way for them to reconcile or to show him “a different path” altogether?
  • Is Claire Wallenberg taking credit for implementing a better world domination plan for ILARIA?
  • Was Peter planning all along to conspire with ILARIA to get ahead?
  • What is up with Sarah running a maternity ward in 2029?
  • What is ILARIA screening for in parenting candidates in 2029?
  • Why does no one care about controlling the bleeding tree?
  • Why is Alan’s fake grave on St. Germain?
  • Did Caleb only save Julia?
  • Why would Caleb agree to live on an island by himself?
  • Does Julia know that Alan is immortal?
  • Did Caleb save Julia so that she can go and live happily ever after with Immortal Alan in Hatake’s cabin?
  • What does this mean for season 3?

A big thank you and shout-out to the cast and crew of Helix Season 2!!!

Death count
  • NO ONE? It is maybe implied that Brother Landry, Sister Amy and the maternity ward sisters died in the fire.
Music Notes

I Say a Little Prayer is a song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David for Dionne Warwick, originally peaking at number four on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart in December 1967

Check out our Helix Playlist on Spotify!

Interact and Spread The Virus!

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Find Ryan and Tim

Ryan can be found on Twitter by @therab. Tim can be found on Twitter by @timarthur.

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