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This is my personal journal... A journal of my journey through life... Recorded for you in case something happens to me and I am no longer here... So you will always have me with you, by your side, so you will know my thoughts, my loves, my passions... I record these episodes for you so you will know me even better than you already do, for you to share these thoughts and insights with your families, and they, their families, and hopefully they will continue the cycle and so on. I also choose to share these personal insights with others. I hope you understand. Not everyone has what we have, that incredible relationship where we can talk to each other and be open. To love unconditionally no matter what. Maybe in this way they too can feel better about life, about themselves, understanding that this journey that we are all on is full of pitfalls and achievements. I'll talk to you often. I hope you are doing well. And when the day comes that I am no longer here, please listen to these words, these random conversations, and know I am somewhere thinking about you, and that we will be together again. When love and memories stay in our hearts, in that way, we can truly live forever. Live each day to the fullest. Don't let anyone tell you what you aren't capable of. Love yourself. I am proud of you all... I love you all so much. We will see each other again someday. Until then... Love Dad... Tony.Read more »

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