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Filmografun is a podcast where Genji Sato-Fraser and Scott Guy talk about every film in an actor's filmography, each movie chosen at random. We won't know what movie we're going to watch until literally two minutes before we watch it, which is actually a lot braver than it may sound. In Season 1 we dive head first into the Sandlerverse. I think we can all agree that there's a lot to love about Adam Sandler, but there's no question he's gone down a road in recent years that only the hardened Sandler fans have wanted to follow him down. A rabbit hole some might say. Scott and Genji count themselves among these hardened Sandler fans, and they are determined to burrow into this hole, get as deep down into it as it's possible to get, see what happens. Because don't forget, for every Wedding Singer, there's a Jack and Jill. For every Billy Madison, there's a Grown Ups 2. For every Happy Gilmore, there's a Ridiculous 6. Stay tuned for a new episode every Monday, cos things are gonna get weird. more »

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