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This is a podcast series that focuses on conversations about what we want Sydney’s cultural future to look like and how we might get there. The idea for Sydney Unlocked came about from real conversations here at FBi Radio. Over the last 2 years there’s been heavy debate surrounding the health and vibrancy of Sydney’s night life, especially since the lock out laws have come into effect. These laws have had a direct impact on a majority of people involved with the station. Naturally it sparked some passionate and emotional conversations. But the more conversations we had, the more we realised that there was a sentiment that Sydney was struggling culturally beyond the lock outs. The feeling was things had been hard for a while, but they just got harder. Why? How did we get here? How do we fix it? These were the questions we became most interested in. On the 18th June we teamed up with Vivid Ideas at the Museum of Contemporary Art and hosted Sydney Unlocked. We rounded up some of the best creative minds from Sydney to tackle these questions with us. It was a really insightful and inspiring day. It felt like a positive and constructive first step towards addressing some of these bigger questions. What we all realised that day was the importance of continuing the conversation. This podcast is exactly that. We’re continuing the conversation and we encourage you to do the same. Theme Music by Donny Benet.Read more »

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