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Born out of complete frustration with weight loss programs from gurus with 6 packs who’ve never had a weight problem, condescendingly telling us porkers how to lose weight. And of course, we wouldn’t listen to a fellow fatty on weight loss, coz what would they know. So here it is, a day by day account, of what I am doing, what frustrations I am experiencing. I mean what this is, is essentially me being your accountability buddy, and you being mine. Yup, we are gonna frigging do it TOGETHER ! Day by day, we are gonna catch up with what we did, how we went, when we fell off the wagon, and how we got back on. No matter what your goal, join me and let’s do it. I have about a third of my body weight to lose, and I literally have Arnold Schwarzenegger annoying me constantly, himself, about getting it done, so join me, and let’s show this Terminator what we can do.Read more »

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