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Show Info: Welcome to FAT LULZ RADIO! Our shows post here and at the links below! Share us with your friends! Support small podcasts THE FAT LULZ RADIO ORIGINALS: Our main lineup of shows. -The Church Absurd with Reverend Jess and Deacon Sam: Each week, join Reverend Jes and Deacon Sam as they spread the gospel of absurdity. Everything from conspiracy theories, fake news, music, movies, and even providing a soapbox for people who live with Occupational Suffering. This podcast is not for the religious, the easily offended, or the faint of heart. -The Fickle Fanboy with RPM: As the 21st century goes on, more and more members of our human race are showing their nerd side. From comic books, to movies, to video games, to pro wrestling, the pop culture wunderkind: RPM, has got you covered. Join him on his quest to burn down the house of nerd culture that the world is slowly but surely building up. The Unseriously Serious Podcast: A cool, chilled out, relaxed interview show in which your host, Rich, brings on a guest or two and spends an hour or two talking about a broad spectrum of topics. This podcast is perfect for you after a long day when you just wanna relax and hear some cool stuff. Designated Drinkers: A roundtable discussion with plenty of alcohol that never ceases to provide the belly laughs. If you ever found yourself drinking alone, or you’re stuck being sober, flip on an episode of this. You’ll be sure to feel surrounded by drunken friends in no time. The League of Infuriated Nerds: A project that is as much yours as it is ours. This project is comprised of short 10-20 minute rants from listeners and fans of all things nerdy. If you’d like to be featured on an episode, send your recorded rant to FatlulzRadio@gmail.com with “Nerd Rant” in the subject! No submission will be turned away! Shows In The Works: -Untitled Project with RPM and Rev Jess. -Burnt Pasta: A podcast that takes a look at creepypastas and destroys them. -Stupid Commentary Tracks: A podcast of movie commentaries for stupid movies (inspired by MST300). THE FAT LULZ RADIO Associate Shows: Shows we help promote. -The Rob and Slim Show: A weekly talk radio show that is live streamed and then archived. Join Rob and Slim as they interview plenty of people from all types of media and give you a few laughs along the way. Warning: NSFW. -From Da Bottom: Each week Jerry and Cal answer life’s questions whether its easy questions or difficult questions, while providing s.

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