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B2B: Baseline to Baseline with Stopsky and G is a weekly basketball podcast that covers all things NBA. A new episode is released every Tuesday on Fanrag Sports’ Stopsky and G bring their insight, or sometimes lack thereof, to the podcasting world. Matt Stopsky and Greg Larnerd met when they were working at SUNY Plattsburgh’s college radio station, 93.9fm WQKE. It was destined that these two would meet and become great friends. Both were ideal citizens and selfless people. Greg was an American Hero and All-Star athlete, yet he was nice enough to play the bench for SUNY Plattsburgh’s baseball team, allowing the others to play and have fun. Matt, having a bad history with chefs, would make sure that none of the food in the school cafeterias were poisoned. So he took it upon himself to test and eat everything for the sake of the student body. In the radio world Stopsky and G are both powerhouses. Greg had a long weekly program on WQKE known as “The Word with G” where he would breakdown the world of sports like only an American Hero knows how. Stopsky, not to be outdone by G, had a daily show on WQKE with, now B2B correspondent, “Scorin’” Mike Warren known as the Sports Sermon. The sports world became a better place with their enlightened views of current sports topics. Stopsky and G were also prominent in the sports broadcasting world during their time in college. They called games for every sport, from soccer to hockey and softball to lacrosse. They broadcasted NCAA tournament games and championships for both WQKE and PSTV, the local college TV station at SUNY Plattsburgh. Since moving on from college, G has leant his talents to CBS Sports Radio as one of the voices of their digital roundup shows. While G does the work on the air, Stopsky is selling the CBS Sports Radio to affiliates at his current position in Westwood One. Although they are both successful at what they do, they felt like they had a responsibility to the people to team up again and share their views on the most important topic in human history: sports. Stopsky and G are joined by the most knowledgeable talent they could get for free. First up is the previously mentioned “Scorin’” Mike Warren. “Scorin’” Warren has graciously provided us with his deep insight into the coaching side of basketball. With his extensive knowledge of eating pizza and his tremendous resume of coaching one whole year of little league basketball, he is the man to go to o.Read more »

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