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No matter where you are, anywhere in the world, there are amazing stories buried all around you. They are waiting for you, they are waiting to be told, and all you have to do is open your eyes, dig deep, and find them. Histories that have been forgotten. Narratives that have been overlooked. Places that are hidden, or abandoned. The famous, the infamous, the unique and beautiful. We will uncover secrets in exotic, foreign locations, as well amazing things hiding in plain sight all around us. What we find may be humorous, tragic, enlightening, challenging, or, as is often the case in life, variable combinations of all of the above. I’ve been through almost 70 countries and 48 states looking for these mysteries on an open ended and never ending search, the stories and sounds documented here. I’ll be acting as your guide, bringing you to the actual locations in person, discovering them with you on site, and doing my best to contextualize what we find. The incredible is all around us… When we push past the barriers, real and imagined, what could be on the other side? There is only one way to know. This is False Walls. I am your host Timothy. Let’s go.Read more »

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