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I’m Rik Nieu and I’ll be interviewing some of the most incredible photographers from all over the world, whether they’re storming up-and-comers or the towering veterans of the industry. I plan to have each guest take us on a journey, and walk us through how they got to where they are today. We will talk about how and when they first got interested in photography. We will talk about the challenges they faced as beginners themselves, and how they finally overcame them. We will then go into their most memorable achievements and what it felt like to finally break through. We will talk through any hard won lessons they’ve learned and any game-changing insights they might have had that could be applicable to you as well. My guests will also share some of their creative resources and sources of inspiration. They will talk about their particular approach to their craft and give us an overview of how they manage their workflow, their creative process and how they deal with clients. And finally, we will ask them about their plans and hopes for the future, whether it’s upcoming projects in the near future or grand, long term plans for something much bigger. Each episode should prove to be an invaluable resource to anyone getting started in the world of photography, where they can have the minds of the best and brightest be picked for them and, hopefully, use that knowledge to leap ahead with their own skills and abilities.Read more »

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