You Never Miss the Dopamine (until the brain runs dry)

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He's quickly becoming the Lewis Black of Parkinson's Disease. In a series of hilarious essays, Bill Schmalfeldt (author of "No Doorway Wide Enough", also on Podiobooks) lashes out at Parkinson's Disease "and the other things that annoy me." Recorded at his kitchen table, you can hear life going on in the background as Bill talks about stupid studies that prove things that anyone with common sense should know ("Parkies who drool are embarrassed by it! It's SCIENCE!"), his own declining cognitive status ("Pills don't work... unless you TAKE them!"), the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's ("I think the thing to do is take some daily Metamucil to make a poop that doesn't have to fight its way out every morning like the Incredible Hulk busting out of a police station."), why he had to quit drinking ("One of the pills I take said alcohol could cause the adverse side effect of death."), and a lot about the weird dreams that are caused by the disease and the medication he takes for the disease. Oh, and he's not much of a "Tea Party" fan, either. Bill cautions in the foreword of the book, if you find yourself LEARNING something or feeling sorry for him, put the book down immediately! That's not what he wrote it for. He wrote it to fight back against the disease and to give you something to laugh about. "PD can't affect the human spirit -- unless you let it! And who doesn't enjoy a funny book about disease?" "You Never Miss the Dopamine (until the brain runs dry)" is available in paperback, eBook and Kindle through his blog -- -- and like his PREVIOUS books about Parkinson's, 100% of the author proceeds will be given to the National Parkinson Foundation and the Charles DBS Research Fund at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.Read more »

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