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It is the next book of an author of apocalyptic books. It may be said that this book is an adapted version of “Book of Rescue from the Doomsday 2012-2013” for the World of Unicellular. Moreover, it is a span-new book. Are you still waiting for Armageddon? Doomsday has already come… You needn’t waiting for it neither in 2012, nor in some other year. People should be deleted. Critique: It is about the connection of Anunaki and the Earth for the first time. By the way, by this fact “The World of Unicellular” reminds very much of scandalous books of Zecharia Sitchin, such as “The 12th Planet” (1978), “When Time Began” (1993), “Jorneys to the Mythical Past” (2008) in which the origin of our planet and mankind as result of attack Anunaki from a planet of Nibiru reveals. Sales of these books were enormous and they have caused huge interest in the people. Zecharia Sitchin, the expert on history and culture of the Near East, ancient languages and Sumer writing, on the basis of system researches of Sumer, Assyrian, Babylon and Hebrew texts has come to the conclusions shaking bases both a modern science, and religions concerning a mankind origin. Oleg Seriy not only became on protection of the theory of Sitchin, but also has developed it in a new radical way, having added his own vision of the world creation. A task of Seriy, as he puts it to himself is “that we have think of and change our life”, hence, the author is not able to manage it without the sermon turned to grass-roots. There are so many talks about a doomsday and attack of aliens, but everybody thinks that aliens will capture people from space. There is no one thinking that it can be in another way. The author was the first expressing the ideas about those aliens are got into people!!! Also he was the first who has developed this idea. Oleg Seriy hasn’t laid aside the problems of economic and political character also. George Orwell in his “1984”, John Perkins in “Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man” tried to reach the judiciousness of people. But it was only the iceberg top. Oleg Seriy’s work is more deeply developed, rather than Perkins managed to do it. Oleg Seriy’ deeper and radical thoughts admire with the completeness and innovation. This book is really stunning from the point of view of sense and the maintenance. The idea, that people are morons, is very courageous statement. Even Zion wise men that have described “Akumas” (people-slaves) in their.Read more »

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